About Idma

Who is Idma?

Place of birth: Stockholm, Sweden

Year of birth: 1992

Nationality: Swedish / Irish

Languages: Fluent in Swedish, English and Spanish / Beginner in French

Lived in: Sweeden, Spain, France

Currently living: London, UK

Ex jobs: flight attendant, tourist guide, PR

Current job: Catwalk model

Want to know more?

Well, hello there! I’m so glad to finally meet you! My name is Idma Sullivan, what is your name?

If you wonder who is the girl behind this awesome blog, don’t worry I will answer all your questions.

I was born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1992. My father is Irish and my mother is a Swedish beauty:). So, I’m half Irish half Swedish, weird mix I know, but the result was not bad.

I lived most of my life in Stockholm but 5 years ago had to move in Dublin, Ireland because my father got a good job here. I found my roots here and fell in love with this city. The weather didn’t affect me much because the weather in Stockholm is almost the same.

I worked as a tourist guide, PR for a fashion magazine and flight attendant for Qatar Airways. My life changed when a fashion agent noticed me on a flight to Dubai. At first I thought it was a joke when he offered me a job on the spot but it was for real and I’m a model since then.