ACNE19 A Dream Collection

ACNE19 A Dream Collection

Not unlike their S18 collection, the ACNE S19 show at London Fashion Week seemed to have placed a large emphasis on brighter palettes and also on the loose and billowing. It seemed to me that perhaps the signature ACNE ‘edgy tailoring’, although very present in some of it’s more fitted trousers, tops and jackets, might have been toned down slightly in favour of extremes in both shape and size. 

Although it was typical in it’s mix and match feel,  I couldn’t help feeling that there was almost a sense of upheavel surrounding the whole thing really. 

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However, despite this fact, which to be fair, is possibly my own issue, I can TOTALLY see many of these items flying off the shelves, such as the emblazoned tee shirts (with slogans written in magazine style font splashed across the front of them) which seemed to depict various influences from Music to Collage.

The were funky, different, very covetable and maintained the statement-making simplicity I so love.  The COLLAGE shirt also lent itself to the fact that much of the pieces throughout the whole collection felt rather collage-like; mixed and put together to see how they would look. Brave but not always beautiful – but isn’t that what makes fashion? Fearlessness and a willingness to experiment?

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I adored the fitted trouser legs with the cut up ankle which allowed a sneak and sexy peak of the shoe underneath. I also loved quite a few of the slick blazers especially those with patent lapels which added a little va va voom and I could see these definitely being purchased as seperates.

My favourite ultimate look from this whole collection was the yellow MUSIC tee shirt combined with the grey jacket and skirt.  The overall colour palette was burnt oranges, mustards, creams, navys and apple-greens.  ACNE as we know, are generally unafraid of colour blockiing and have always shown their bravery in this area.

Overall, there was every kind of look from Cow-girl-with-a-difference, to some futuristic cuts (lapels and trouser legs) to retro Boy-George style hats, loose flowing floorlength skirts to ultra fittedpinstriped  trousers, buckles that seemed to change the look and feel of pieces in various ways, dixie chick off the shoulder style tops and dresses to largely oversized statement shoulders.

A mixed bag to say the least.
Although I lvery much loved so many aspects of it, the ACNE S19 show was only cohesive in its sense of chaos. In this instance, however, I’m not complaining.

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