An Overdue Beauty Review

An Overdue Beauty Review

I have to admit, with regret, that we have been lacking in the ‘beauty review’ department of late – mostly (truthfully) due to a distinct lack of hands (I only have two, I doubled checked).

But anyhoooo, here is a round up of some products which I (ed) have personally been testing over the past few weeks. I chose my favourites. 

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The first product I want to talk about is what is being hailed as the backstage beauty secret. From Weleda, it is the super interesting ‘Skin Food’.  With a following from personalities like Adele, Alexa Chung, Rihanna and Victoria Beckham and favoured by models, Lara Stone, Lily Donaldson and Helena Christiensen to name but a few, was it any wonder I was very eager to try it out?

Well I did.

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Although quite a thick textured cream, rather more like an ointment, it does smell lovely (smells of essential oils – relaxing and refreshing at the same time) and it really, genuinely does deeply penetrate your skin. My skin felt really refreshed after using it.

It is ideal for people on the go, with tired (me) overworked (me) and dehydrated skin (me) because it is made with organic sunflower seed oil, and extracts of wild pansy, chamomile, calendula and (my favourite) rosemary extract to perk up even the weariest skin – and it had a right job ahead of it, in terms of perking up mine!  What can I say? It worked.

I did not use it daily. I only reached for it (it is a small tube) when I was feeling particularly tired. It is certainly a great rescue remedy for your skin.

TIP: A little goes a long way, so apply sparingly. This very rich cream is best applied to the face by gently patting on, so as to avoid dragging the skin.

Everyone is talking about the powers of the humble coconut. Well, hey, the beauty world loves a super ingredient… and a natural one is even better!Celebrities such as Madonna and Rhianna apparently guzzle coconut ‘water’ by the gallon.Model Miranda Kerr says coconut oil is her favourite beauty product.

So with all of this in mind, I was eager to try out the Ziaja new Coconut Body Butter €7.99. Verdict? LOVE IT!

Apart from the fact that on opening, the overwhelming coconut scent instantly transports you to sunnier climes -reminding you of everything from cocktails to sun cream -this cream really is a moisture-booster. It soothes and softens dry and rough skin. The butter melts quickly into the skin at body temperature, leaving no greasiness – just a soft and silky smooth feeling.

This is the kind of all in one, multi-purpose family remedy cream that everyone should have in their bathroom cabinets.

It is the ‘Human+Kind’ All in One Family Remedy Cream. Not that I would dare suggest that anyone toss out their beloved Sudocrem, this however is a great little miracle product,treating a slew of skin ailments including minor burns, cuts & grazes, nappy rash, acne, eczema, psoriasis, itching, nettle rash, athlete’s foot, dermatitis, insect bites and stings, sunburn, cracked skin, cold sores and even razor burn.

Human+Kind All in One Family Remedy helps to reduce the risk of infection and contains a naturally derived anaesthetic to soothe pain. It also (apparently) helps wounds to heal by forming a protective barrier over the vulnerable area.

The cream is super-charged with healthy and healing ingredients that are naturally active and free from chemical nasties.Formulated with a moisture-retaining blend of aloe vera, natural vitamin E and restorative essential oils, this cream is suitable for all skin types and has been allergy tested.

I am quite obviously not a teenager. However, I do understand combination, sensitive skin, having battled with it most of my young adult life. One of the perennial problems of having combination or oily skin, is the sticky residue left by sun creams. Not only does it feel yucky on sensitive skin and potentially clog up pores and cause further problems, but it looks fairly bad too!

So I was delighted to finally find a high protection sunscreen that has a light MATTE finish which disappears into the skin without any greasiness, any streaks, or any obvious sun screen residue at all.

It is La Roche-Posay ANTHELIOS AC SPF30 Extreme Matte Fluid. It is the highest protection for oily skin with a matte finish.

Two products I really want to mention because I feel that together (only because I have now become accustomed to using them both in my beauty regime) they are really helping to rejuvenate my skin. First it is the Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Daily Scrub – which is getting top marks from me as (so far) my all time favourite facial scrub.

It smells divine and you really do get a really fresh burst on your skin because of the Grapefruit. It’s simply gorgeous. I have been using it pretty regularly (probably four to five times a week – but not daily as it suggests) and each and every time, I feel like every dot of grime has left my skin. It feels immensely clear and clean.

Then – and I know this might seem strange having only just exfoliated my skin with one product – but straight afterwards I reach for another face wash. Except this one really, really relaxes and soothes my skin after exfoliating. It is the Voya Cast Away anti-aging facial wash. The MINUTE I start applying this on my face, the smells and the soft sensation just make me feel like I’m in a beautiful spa somewhere being treated and indulged.

It totally relaxes then skin from the previous vigorous exfoliation and it leaves my face feeling so soft as to be almost unbelievable. It is the combination of the exfoliation wash first (lifting any rough / dead skin) and the Voya wash afterwards that really results in this soft sensation. 

VOYA is an Irish, family owned and run business which began in 1912 when the first seaweed baths opened in Strandhill, Co.Sligo. They use hand-harvested seaweed, (certified organic) and with their intimate knowledge of the local traditions of seaweed baths and seaweed treatments, you can be sure your skin is receiving the very best.

FINALLY – I really want to give a mention to the moisturiser I have been using over the past few weeks. It’s the Trilogy Vital Face Care Moisturising Cream with SPF 15. First of all, being Trilogy, I adore the product almost before I’ve even opened it.

Being a truly ethical, paraben free, skin care brand with special focus on sensitive skin, I’ve always been really impressed with the Trilogy range – and this mosituriser was no different.However, it really became obvious today just how good it is. I did the Flora Women’s Mini Marathon in Dublin on Monday and as anyone who was there or in the vicinity will know, it was a scorching hot day.

Having foolishly forgotten to bring sun cream or to apply any, I did worry a lot for my skin. However, when I got home and noticed a bright red streak of sunburn on my neck but absolutely nothing on my face (which had spent the day in direct sunlight) I remembered about the moisturiser I had been using every day. It has an SPF 15 in there.

Without even realising it, I had been totally protected.It’s a dream product. I’m thrilled with it.

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