Beauty Secret Weapon

Beauty Secret Weapon

Argan Oil – the beauty world’s new secret weapon – is apparently a rare and wonderful, natural treasure, with all sorts of beautifying properties. Hailing from the nut of the Argan tree in a particular forest in Morocco, the many benefits of this oil are seemingly boundless and virtually incomparable to other products, in terms of anti aging and moisturising functions. 

At least, these are the claims that have been made by La Maison de l’Argon in France, who have created a range of products around this natural treasured oil .

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The range is called AR457. With this range being used by many exclusive spa resorts and being cited by ELLE Magazine as one of the top ten beauty products any woman should have to help them feel glamorous and beautiful, you can imagine how eager we were to try this out!

Now be prepared, this is pricey. The first product we trialed from the AR457 range was the Elixir Metaserum LYF – (pictured left) costing €88 per 30ml.  Coming in what can only be described as resembling a red glass laboratory test tube – this serum contains a high concentration of the aforementioned Argan Oil, which is to be massaged gently into the skin daily. The claims are this:

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(a) That the Elixir serum produces a spectacular lifting effect on face and neck, giving firmness and elasticity back to your skin.

(b) That it corrects extreme dryness by providing the skin with an in-depth hydration of the epidermis and protects from free radicals.

(c) That it is the ideal serum to smooth out traces of fatigue after an exhausting working day or sleepless night, it leaves a radiant complexion in the morning.

(d) And that the Elixir acts as a rescue serum for unexpected spots, minor burns, splitting nails, dry hair lengths…

Our Thoughts: At €88 per glass vile of this serum, one would certainly be expecting to see some of these claims ring true.  Well, having used the serum every day for the past week or so on my face I have to admit to being more than pleasantly surprised with the reaction.

Overall, my skin feels absolutely amazing…smooth, scented and gorgeous… and this sensation lasts all day. In fact, it’s so lovely, that you are tempted to go back and sneakily re-apply more but because it’s quite expensive I recommend using relatively sparingly.

Throughout the day, my skin has felt moisturised without feeling oily! If you have any dry skin spots, of which I have many, this oil serum is amazing for working to balance it all out.

In terms of the “spectacular lifting effect”: well,  at only 26….. ahem 28…. (oh ok 30 years of age, whatever) I thankfully don’t have too many lines and wrinkles to contend with just yet, but with continued use of this serum I would imagine – just basing my opinion in how my skin has reacted thus far –  that it would definitely have a positive effect in terms of re-hydration etc. 

Next, the  unexpected spots, minor burns or splitting nails etc., I have been lucky enough to have NOT suffered any minor burns, either sun induced or otherwise, recently so I cannot comment on that. But I have definitely noticed an improvement in my overall skin tone which of course includes enlarged pores and blemishes. My skin is more even and very ‘relaxed’ if that is the right description.

It’s calm, its not in any way red – and it’s, well, HAPPY! This is possibly one of the nicest products I have ever used on my face. Fact! 
We also trialled the AR457 ONG LASTING EYE CONTOUR. Also coming in a glass tube, this time in silver, the Lasting Eye Contour cream retails at €76 per 15ml tube and to be fair, immediately seemed to refresh, brighten and smoothen out the area around my eyes and my crows feet. 

It brightened up those dark circles very quickly.  It can also be used on those fine lines that appear around your lips. I was very impressed but as it was in my mind how expensive it is as I used it, I found myself being very strict with myself on how much I dispensed. But to be fair, even by using only small pea sized amounts, it did really brighten up my eye area and will certainly be my ‘go to’ cream for early starts and long days.

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