CACI Amino Lift Peptide Complex

CACI – Amino Lift Peptide Complex

So ‘Botox in a bottle’ eh? Now this sounds like a product worth perhaps trying out.

All women of a certain age, and some that are younger, have thought momentarily (sometimes incessantly) about how nice it would be to get rid of that line beside the mouth or that little ‘frown crease’ on the forehead and so on, but have dismissed the idea of Botox because perhaps they feel it’s a bit too ‘Hollywood’, or  perhaps it’s too expensive or perhaps they just don’t like the idea of injecting fillers into their face.

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Either way, they may not do it. Now, there is no doubt that hectic schedules, active social lives and ghastly weather can mean that our skin suffers a lot and unfortunately not many of us are blessed with perfect skin (grrr) and so for a lot of women it is a case of simply trying various anti wrinkle creams over and over, or simply disguising our little furrowed friends as much as we can with make up etc.

But now, CACI has landed on our shores! CACI International, the company behind the award winning CACI non-surgical face lift which has been acclaimed by the international media as probably the most exciting beauty development of the last decade,  have now teamed with bio-chemists at the world’s leading cosmetic laboratories to develop their first consumer skin care product.

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CACI has already attracted a celebrity following and their treatments are certainly being widely talked about. Launching this week in Ireland The CACI- Amino Lift combines clinically effective amino acids and peptides along with powerful essential oils and five pioneering anti ageing ingredients. 

When applied topically The CACI Amino-Lift Peptide will apparently, improve muscle tone & dramatically diminish the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles. Could it be true? Could it be real??? It certainly seems so!

The Amino-Lift Serum and has been dubbed as the new alternative to the hugely popular injectables & Hollywood’s leading ladies are already grappling for their ‘botox in a bottle’.

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