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Food Tips To Pimp Your Food

As with most things in life, simple is better when it comes to food. Conversely, with food being such a huge part of life and said grub dictating so much of your quality of life, health and energy, it’s something we should think about, look for variety in and seek pleasure from. And so in the spirit of simplicity, but also variety, nutrition and taste, we offer a list of suggestions to tweak your dinner so that even if the rest of your day has been mundane, you can round it off with something tasty….


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How To Get Beautiful Feet

Check out this nifty, portable little gadget – a great idea for a Christmas Pressie by the way, (although you’d probably need to know the person pretty well to produce it) but if you hear somebody close to you moaning of how a winters worth of neglect has left their feet dry and scaly or if YOU yourself feel you have have scaly feet that are rough and calloused, then keep this little wonder machine in your head. It’s a pedicure at home system – it’s the Micro-Pedi…


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