Dating Tips

Dating Tips

– 1/4 of Irish singletons have not had one date in the last year*

– Over 50% of Irish singletons have had between one and 5 *  
*survey of over 500 Irish Singletons by IJL

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With over 2 million single people living in Ireland, the choice of quality, single rofessionals is unlimited but not everyone has the time to look and many find dating daunting or the prospects of getting back in the dating scene after a break-up overwhelming.

Anne-Marie Cussen, Dating Guru & Managing Director of “It’s Just Lunch”, and her team of experts who have arranged over 5000 dates in their first year of business, know a thing or two about dating. Anne-Marie brings you the following helpful back to basic dating tips to help get you in the dating saddle again:

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•    Join new things – Find innovative and unusual places to meet people, the bar and club aren’t the only places to meet people. Join a club, do a course, volunteer or take up a new sport.

•    Use your eyes. Eyes are often referred to as one of the first thing people notice in a prospective date. If you bury your head in a book or stare at the floor, you lose this opportunity. This is fine if you don’t want to be bothered on your commute to work, but if you want to look friendly and approachable, don’t be afraid to make eye contact with people.

•    Be open to meeting someone. There are many opportunities throughout your regular day to meet someone, as simple as picking up your regular morning coffee. Most of us are so consumed with our busy lives that we rarely take the time to notice.  Be more aware of around you.

•    Smile.  This may sound simple but it works.  If you look intimidating or unfriendly, people may be afraid to talk to you. A warm, inviting smile can put anyone at ease, and make you more approachable.

•    Approach others. If people aren’t approaching you, why not go to them? Nothing makes you look more approachable than actively seeking out people and talking to them. If you’re on your own, seek out opportunities to interact with people so you’re not left feeling awkward.  

If you are still unsure, leave it all to the dating experts at “It’s Just Lunch”, the specialized dating agency for busy professionals, who recently added Belfast to their Dublin, Cork and Galway offices.

Anne-Marie Cussen, Dating Guru and Director says, “Our service isn’t about video or computer dating; it’s about an insightful, professional “It’s Just Lunch” staff member hand-selecting appropriate matches based upon your desires, goals, motivations and our instincts.”

Clients are often apprehensive following negative on-line dating experiences so the one-to-one interview process explains the service and puts them at ease. Based on the information and criteria discussed and their dating expertise, It’s Just Lunch” selects a suitable match.

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