Diet Coke Sexism

Diet Coke Sexism

When the infamous Diet Coke ad first graced our screens in 1994, it was considered a landmark in TV advertising. “Hey, look, we’re not being sexist” screamed the advertising industry “now it’s the women who are getting to ogle a half naked man”! Well hooray for women’s lib! Admittedly, the ad stuck a chord with viewers, particularly due to its iconic use of Etta James’ ‘I Just Want To Make Love To You’.

It seemed women’s sexuality was at last becoming something to be celebrated.

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Fast forward 20 years and its still the same old song. It’s safe to say the latest Diet Coke ad is not winning any awards for innovation. Now four women sit in the park on a hot summer’s day. They playfully roll a can of diet coke to a man mowing the grass and mime for him to drink it. Lets just stop right there!

Here’s a working man, going about his business when four predatory females fling a can at him. The ring-leader looks particularly evil and was more than likely aiming to get the can into the lawn mower. The gardener misinterprets this menacing act as some kind of friendly gesture and picks up the can to drink it – the fool! Then comes the money shots as the can ejaculates into his face! Having suitable demeaned him, the women laugh mercilessly.

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But wait, gardener’s revenge is at hand. His physical labors have fortunately left with him the ultimate weapon for dealing with empowered giggling females- perfectly sculpted abs. The women are left awe struck in the presence of such physical beautiful. The gardener walks away, victorious.

Where to start with this piece of junk? It would seem to celebrate women’s right to be the sexual predator, but do women actually want to act like that? The character of Samantha in Sex and the City was fun to watch, but there aren’t many women who could personally relate to her.

It also assumes women’s sexuality to operate the same as men’s; all we need is a pretty face and a sculpted body to make us quiver at the knees. That is certainly not the case, as if it was, most guys I know would be single! Plus, if this ad were gender reversed, there would be out-cry. A woman at work, minding her own business, being leered at by a group men, then voluntarily takes her shirt off for their viewing pleasure?

It would make the Hunky Dory billboards look like an ad for a nunnery. Ultimately, by the end of this ad, the women are still the losers in this power struggle. Their ineffectual bid for dominance is quickly conquered by man’s overpowering sexual prowess
So, the lesson to be learned is that equality for women means getting to turn men into sexual objects for a change – that’s why those suffragettes went on hunger strike! But with less than 2 calories per can, at least you won’t get fat doing it.

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