Feng Shui Your Way To True Love

Feng Shui Your Way To True Love

Are love and romance missing from your life? If so, then read on for some Feng Shui tips on improving this area of your life.

According to Feng Shui, the primary direction that governs love, romance and relationships is Southwest.

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Create a romance area in the Southwest corner of your bedroom by firstly removing all clutter from that corner, for example wastebaskets, piled up books, clothes, etc. Then place artwork there that portrays romance e.g. photos of happy couples, images of embracing or some other romantic piece of art.

This will enhance romance in your life, whether you are single or part of a couple.

Candles and Peonies

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If you are single, place two red or yellow candles in this corner. Use hearts, roses and other flower—especially peonies. Peonies have always symbolized marriage and fidelity to the Chinese. If you are married, place peonies in your living room, but not in your bedroom.

Ducks and Other Symbolic Elements

Images of a pair of mandarin ducks can also go in this romance spot as can any images of the phoenix and the dragon together — a symbol of double happiness for marriage. A porcelain (earth element) vase decorated with these figures are perfect on a table or shelf in the Southwest corner.

Other things you can place here are: anything ceramic, terra cotta, clay, porcelain, china, stone, plaster, resin, pebbles from the beach—basically earth materials, especially if they are in the shape of hearts. Anything you put out must be in multiples of two.


Do not install any sort of water feature such as a pond or waterfall on the yin side of your front entrance. The yin side is the right side of the door as you face out of your houses front door.

To do so is to attract a competitor for your partners affections into your household, leading ultimately to the possibility of infidelity. Do not have pictures of three people in the Southwest corner of your bedroom.

Do not put any wooden or green items in the Southwest—wood destroys earth in the element relationship chart.

Before implementing your feng shui measures, concentrate less on finding the right person and focus on becoming the right person with whom someone would want a relationship. Feng shui must be practiced in concert with the emotional/spiritual, physical and intellectual aspects of your life.

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