Five Ideas For A Rocking First Date

Five Ideas For A Rocking First Date

If you’re like me, the usual dating spots bore you to tears.

After five dates at the same restaurant, it’s a special kind of dating partner that suggests something a little more…out of the ordinary.

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And even if Cupid decides not to catapult you both to Paradise, you may as well take home with you a memorable experience.The walks of Kerry, Clare or Wicklow.

I want you imagine a carefree walk in the U.K countryside, beach or mountains. Relaxing, intimate, and a chance to sample the delightful views. Just don’t forget a nice bottle of wine, cheese and crackers, grapes…and chocolates. Leave the chocolates out at your peril.

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Energetic activity gets the heart racing, the blood pumping and the brain melting. Cleverly speaking, you’re in the best mood for some romance as it mirrors another activity!

Paintballing (double/triple date)

If you’re the shy type that feels self-conscious sitting opposite a stranger and making polite conversation, then paintballing is totally for you. Go as a group and run around until you find your cool.

Gatecrash a party (all’s fair in love and war, as they say)

We’ve all done it when the little imp of mischief takes over. It’s a bit of a rush and will certainly set the mood. Mind the guard dogs and get your stories straight though.

A concert
This is where you find out if you love the same band or comedy show – plus it’s dark and loud (I’ll let you fill in the gaps…). Obviously if they are not fans, it may be a tad awkward – but who said the path of true love was simple?

How about sharing your dating experiences and wacky locations. Have you tried any of the above, and if not, would you?

Relationships are never easy. However I have adopted the approach that a little understanding, a chuckle at your own experiences and a few insights will soon have you smiling again (even if the relationship fails).

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