Funny Sock Facts

Funny Sock Facts

Now this made me smile.

The online service ‘Socked’ (a UK sock subscriptions service…. seriously) tell us today that the ‘odd socks’ phenomenon is a huge problem in the lives of most men and they have gone as far as saying that men who wear odd socks can be ruining their chances of gaining a second date AND are possibly being passed over for promotions.

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Apparently over 10 million socks go missing in the UK each year (although, to be fair, how does one come to this figure?) thus creating this odd sock issue.

Anyway, according to ‘socked’, males have the worst sock habits, as they are mostly reliant on a loved one to buy them new socks on birthdays or at Christmas and are generally useless at buying socks for themselves.

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This leads to the wearing of both odd socks and tatty old socks and some men have even resorted to wearing horrible Christmas socks in the middle of summer. Shocking!

But the claim (by Socked) is that wearing these mis matched socks can have a devastating effect on ones life – something that most men are not even aware off.  (sharp intake of breath) 7/10 single ladies (asked by Socked) stated that that if a man were to arrive on a date wearing odd socks, they would not be in with a chance.

9/10 company managers (asked by Socked) stated that if a candidate arrived at a interview wearing odd socks it would seriously harm their chances of gaining the job and 8/10 of these company managers stated that if an existing member of staff was to wear odd socks that would affect chances of promotion.

Personally  I don’t remember ever being faced with a situation where someone was either chatting me up or indeed looking for work or some form of help, while wearing odd socks. It’s just not something I have ever been faced with! Perhaps in Ireland, men are much more conscious of wearing matching socks than they are in the UK?

I remember reading that Hollywood heart-throb ‘Matthew Grey Gubler’, pictured left, has always purposefully worn odd socks because he believes it to be lucky. In fact, the one time he wore perfect matching socks, he claims to have badly injured his knee resulting in numerous surgeries and months on crutches…. after which he went straight back to wearing ODD ones!

But, anyway, tongue in cheek humour and random Hollywood facts aside, this company ‘Socked’ really is a clever one. Basically, it’s a sock subscription service. Yes, you read that correctly.

You subscribe to their service and have fresh new black socks delivered to your house each month. Why do I love this ideas so much? Could be my laziness or my pure love of convenience.

Their blurb is hilarious. “Catering for time poor gentlemen who take pride in their appearance, it offers peace of mind for consumers worried about odd socks or having to wear tatty old socks” … eh… yes, because that clearly is a worry that keeps people up at night!

You can also buy the service as a gift for a good friend – perhaps a friend or partner whose bad sock habits have gotten on your nerves?
Socks from ‘Socked’ can be delivered once a month, every 3 months or twice a year, and customers can choose any color they want, …… as long it is black.

Here are some interesting Sock Facts:
Prince William wore black socks on his wedding day.
Putting on a fresh new pair of socks is a much-loved experience that is mentioned over 10,000 times a week on twitter…. really?
With a black sock subscription you will never have odd socks again.
Socked are working on the world’s largest survey to find out what happens to missing socks.
Good manners cost nothing, socks start at £1.97 a pair including delivery.
One of main causes of Christmas day arguments is when Dad presses the jingle bells button on his Christmas socks for the 85th time. SAY NO TO BAD XMAS SOCKS!
Black socks look great in winter, spring, summer and autumn.

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