Home Hot Waxing Tips

Home Hot Waxing Tips

My past experiences with home waxing have never been terribly positive – more like an Armageddon experience or a bizarre repentance ritual; the bubbling hot wax, the spills, the burning, the cooling too quickly, the countdown to the half hearted whipping back of those paper strips and the screams, the piercing screams; an act of self flagellation, for sure.

My pathetically low pain threshold hasn’t helped, nor has my unfortunate clumsiness around all hot liquids – but ultimately, it is my total and utter lack of stamina, which has always resulted in half a leg being badly waxed, slightly burnt and smarting while the other leg patiently (and smugly, let’s face it) awaits its fate with the razor.

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But wait… STOP THE LIGHTS…is there a solution to this horrendous hot-wax-at-home conundrum? Well, ….despite the lame intro I was creating for myself there… hold onto your hairies, because I have actually found a more comfortable and much less stressful home waxing solution. It’s the Veet EasyWax Electrical Roll-On Kit.

It claims salon results from your own home – and it’s ‘almost’ true… I say almost, because unless you are a professional beautician yourself, you are never going to truly achieve salon results – but it’s definitely as darn close as you’re gonna get!

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The wax is formulated with the same ingredients as the wax used in salons (i.e. packed full of natural beeswax) meaning it’s kind to all skin types. After that, well, it’s all in the application and the temperature apparently.

You see hot waxing at home has always been a rather precarious adventure really, what with all that microwaving or sitting wax into pans of hot water and all that malarkey, but the Veet EasyWax™ Electrical Roll-on Kit is a hand-held ‘self-heating’, home-waxing system, with a roll-on applicator that delivers a consistently perfect dose of warm smooth wax every time – which, of course, helps with the ‘professional results’.

My verdict?  Yes, this is most definitely a very handy little gizmo. You plug it in, leave if for twenty minutes while it heats up to the right temperature and then start applying your wax.

You do get a great wax application and it does stay at the right temperature for a good ten minutes or more – though they do suggest you can leave it plugged in while applying it to ensure that it stays that hot all the time, if you so wish. 

So I manned up (or womanned up… let’s face it, what guys would willingly put themselves through it?) I put aside my waxing fears and I did it! My stamina held out too. I think the fact that it was all a little easier, less traumatic and less of a messy chore than normal – really helped! Did it hurt? Well, yes it did, I won’t lie, it is still waxing at the end of the day… but it was definitely a less punishing experience and without all the stress that I’m used to.

The fact remains that home waxing – even with the handiest of gizmos – is still a hard thing to do unless (a) you are brave and prompt when it comes to pulling the strips, (b) are generally un-phased by pain or (c) you have enlisted the help of a friend or partner (with sadistic tendencies), to do the strip pulling for you. But yes, this machine is very helpful.

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