Hot Oil Massage Candle

Hot Oil Massage Candle

I adore hot oil massages….although, to be fair, the criteria is fairly straight forward for us really…Anything that de-streses the body, calms the mind and feels good, can only be a good thing. But in particular, hot oil massages are pretty AMAZING!

So if you could achieve the hot oil massage treatment at home, wouldn’t that also be pretty AMAZING? Aha… cue the Beauty Image Hot Oil Massage Candles.  By simply lighting the aromatic candle, its calming elements will infuse the room, whilst the candle’s perfume contents, blended with its natural ingredients “…ensure a therapeutic experience for users”.

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But how does the scent alone help you get the massage experience I hear you ask? Well, the clever Beauty Image Hot Oil Massage Candle work in a unique way (combining vegetal butters and fragrant oils) in that the candle quickly melts into a silky massage oil that can be poured directly onto skin! See? Easy Peasy! 

If you’re worried about burning yourself, then worry not because the candle ‘butters’ melt at a lower temperature of around 40˚C and cool quickly after pouring. This is a lower temperature than common candle wax, so the oil produced won’t heat up and burn skin, which is good to know though it is advised to always check the temperature of the oil on the palm of your hand before every use, and never let the candle be lit for more than 1 hour. 

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However, whilst the candle melts at a relatively low temperature, the jar and the oil can reach higher temperatures when the candle is lit during a long time.

This fab Beauty Image Hot Oil Massage candle comes in four invigorating scents:
Lavender (relaxing), Passion Fruit (smoothing),Rose (regenerate) and Vanilla (Energising).
You can get up to two to three full body massages from each candle, and the Beauty Image Hot Oil Massage Candles are suitable for all skin types.

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