How To Get The Best Gym Deal

How To Get The Best Gym Deal

At this time of a year, a svelte body sells. As January heralds a fresh start, people are eager to introduce positive lifestyle changes. One of the most popular lifestyle resolutions is exercise.

If you are considering joining a gym or renewing your membership, consider the following factors before you part with your hard earned cash.

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Evaluate value for money

Exercise is highly beneficial, both for your mental and physical well-being. Gyms provide a motivational exercise ground, with excellent equipment and amenities.

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However, the gym doesn’t suit everyone. Many join with the best of intentions but busy schedules mean they simply can’t keep up. Your exercise regime must suit your lifestyle.

If going to the gym before or after work doesn’t seem like a realistic goal, look at other options. Join a local sports team or invest in exercise equipment so that you can workout in your own home.

If you are considering renewing your membership, divide the total fee by the number of visits you paid last year. Is it worth the cost?

Don’t be distracted by deals

Introductory offers can entice the most prudent of consumers.

But don’t be fooled, health clubs represent a lucrative industry. You’ll be out of breath before they’re out of pocket. The enticing introductory offers advertised by gyms and leisure centers often fail to provide long term value.

During the month of January, there is always renewed interest in joining the gym. The newfound interest provides operators with the opportunity to raise prices. Wait until after January to sign up.

Another way to ensure you are getting the best deal possible is to ask the gym for a free trial before you join. Check out the facilities and talk to other members before making your mind up.

Be careful of the clause

According to the National Consumer Agency, 400 gym related complaints were made in 2018. To avoid dissatisfaction, make sure to always read the small print. You should understand and accept all terms of the contract before you sign anything.

If you sign a 12 month contract and stop going to the gym after 3 months, you must pay for the following 9 months regardless. Even if you stop in your tracks, your bill will keep running.

Cancelling your direct debit does not mean that you have cancelled your contract. Before you sign up, find out about the cancellation process. Ask your operator what notice is required when cancelling membership.

Depending on your circumstance, it may also be worth asking if a short term contract rather than a long term contract is available.

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