How To Lose Weight Fast And Healthy

How To Lose Weight Fast And Healthy

If, like me, you struggle to say no to another helping, believe everything tastes better with cheese or simply cannot stop eating chocolate buttons, then this week’s Life Hack may have something for you.

Chances are, you fret about your weight. We are living in a fat obsessed society: no magazine is complete without a weight loss hint or diet, celebrities parade before and after body shots as proof of their worth, thin is the ideal and excess weight is attributed to lack of self-control or willpower.

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This masks the reality of modern existence – the availability of so much poor quality, low nutrition foods and the environmental changes which have us living more sedentary, less active lives.

The rise in fast food outlets, the multiplicity of convenience stores and the proliferation of high sugar snacks and drinks all combine to fuck us up. I’m not going to suggest that you need to lose weight, but if it is bothering you, perhaps you need a few small changes.

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Have a look at these environmental cues and learn some Diet Hacks.The more food on the plate, the more we eat. Consider some smaller plates; shaving an inch off the diameter might help shave one off yours.

Have you thought about the colour? Cornell University recently tested if the color of your plate has a bearing on portion size and surprisingly, high-contrast colour differences between plate and food reduce portion sizes.

So you will eat more ice cream from a white dish than a dark one! One interesting experiment saw people sit down to a meal where their soup was slowly refilled from beneath their bowl. Participants continued to spoon the soup up (consuming more than two bowls in the process), and reportedly felt no fuller than the participants who had eaten only one bowl.

We eat with our eyes and not our stomach, so smaller bowls and attractive presentation can also help us reduce our over-consumption.The bigger the lunch box you bring, the more you eat. Try downsizing the container size, or filling up on salad.When food comes in large packets we prepare and eat more than if using smaller alternatives.

Measure out single portions from large packs as a means of controlling overeating. Keep a measuring cup handy and dole out the portion you can have instead of grazing from the bag.

I’m looking at you, giant bag of Taytos!We eat more if the name is appealing – ‘Fresh, mouthwatering fillet of tender beef’ rather than ‘Beef fillet’ – so be aware of how packaging is more than a punchy tag line.Beware the dreaded ‘low fat’ label. It may not necessarily mean less calories. It has also been found to encourage people to overeat, thus increasing calorie consumption.

Some research shows that the ingredients companies use to replace the fat can actually make you hungrier, causing you to overeat.Kids living closer to fast food outlets have a 5% higher incidence of obesity than those who live further away, so make a bargain with yourself to walk every time you need something at the local shop.

A more silly suggestion in recession-ridden Ireland is to sell up, move to the country and buy a horse. Don’t eat with the TV on. Eat a piece of fruit before snacking. Just eat when you’re eating. Put down the phone and step away from the internet – nobody wants to see an instagram shot of your meal… NOBODY.Eat vegetables and salad first.Limit snacks to three bites.

Just three heuristics (short cuts) offer long-term behavioural and environmental change, which some studies noted lead to greater weight loss and longer complacence. From the list, pick three little changes and stick to them.

Too often, diets and health kicks come as massive overhauls and are soon abandoned (look at the drop off rate for New Year’s resolutions). Change something small, and when that small thing has become established, change another.

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