How To Wear Bold Lipstick

How To Wear Bold Lipstick

I accepted long ago that my boyfriend would never like the bold lipstick look on me, and I think the same applies to many women. After slicking a bright red/pink/coral across my lips, I’m greeted with a frown and a “I prefer when you look natural” comment. Ugh.

While I’m a devoted fan of the natural look, sometimes you just need to shake things up, such as when you’re in a make-up rut or having a fat day. The scariest, most intimidating lipstick I own is Saint Germain by Mac.

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While at first glance, it looks like an innocent Barbie-pink, it is in fact an electric, almost fluorescent lilac-pink. Not so innocent now.

After trying out a few different looks (many of which genuinely recalled “drag queen”), I settled on two that are really wearable.

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Look 1: Sixties Style

Keep it simple. Use whatever foundation you have to use to make your skin look flawless. Avoid blush… in fact, as strange as it sounds, avoid any colour on your face. Bright pink lips and tanned skin just don’t look good so embrace your Irish skin just this once, please. The same applies to bronzer although you can use an eensie bit just to contour your cheekbones a little.
Apply as much mascara as your little lashes can handle and if you’re bothered, natural-looking falsies (I repeat, natural-looking. If in doubt, see drag-queen comment above).

Keeping with the ’60s vibe, lash on the white eyeliner but don’t overdo it as it can end up making your eyes look smaller.
And that’s pretty much it. Just remember flawless base, mascara a go-go and a reasonably pale complexion. And don’t give a crap what your boyfriend says.

Look 2: Fudge the rules

Now, we’re all aware of the classic “eyes or lips, never both” rule, but fudge that. I tend to break a lot of so-called make-up rules and this is one of them.
Since I’ve got my eyes and lips done up here, I compensated for it by scraping my hair back which makes the whole thing look a lot more low-maintenance.

Again, you want to focus on flawless skin before anything. Then paint black gel liner all across your lids, right up to the crease, and buff it in with a blending brush before pressing in a black eyeshadow on top. Don’t go too high above the crease when blending. Add some black eyeliner on the top and bottom lash line, lashings of mascara, a little bit of cheekbone contouring with some bronzer/contour powder, your bright lipstick of course, and finally the cojones to wear it with pride.

This is a great way to wear this kind of lipstick on a night out or special occasion. It is very “look at me” but in a fun way, and as long as it’s contrasted with an understated, simple outfit it isn’t too much at all. This is your embellishment for the night, you don’t need anything else flashy.

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