Meeting Your Online Date For The First Time

Meeting Your Online Date For The First Time

So you have been messaging each other for a few weeks now, and you are ready to take it to the next step and meet your online date in person. 

Nerve-wracking, to say the least! Will your online chemistry translate offline?

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The person you are meeting with will be just as anxious, nervous and excited as you are.

Plus there are a few things to make your first non-virtual date less uncomfortable.

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The most important factor you need to address is the ‘safety issue’.

Always, always let someone know where you are going. It is true that that anonymity of the internet attracts a few undesirable characters. However, just let common sense prevail, and don’t let fear deter you from taking online, offline!

Don’t rush into anything.  Take as long as you need to figure out if the person you have meet online dating is being truthful with you and interested enough to meet you in person.

It is advisable to talk on the telephone before you meet for your first date.  Pretending you are something you are not is one thing over emails, but trying to do that on the phone is a lot more difficult. You can tell a lot more from someone’s voice than you ever would over emails.

Try to pick a date that involves an activity. This way you are able to communicate with the person whilst doing something and not spend the whole time constantly talking, as this can be mentally exhausting.

Something like hiking or bowling can be a good option.

It is important that what ever you decide to do or wherever you go, that you feel in control. Drive yourself, or make sure to have money for a taxi fare home.

Ideally, have someone else pick you up – this sets a time limit for the date, and gives you the reassurance that someone you know will be around.

Once you get to the end of the date, the big decision is do you want to see this person again? If you haven’t made up your mind don’t commit to seeing them for a second date just yet. 

Be honest to yourself and to the other person. If they are the right person for you, then they will understand that you need time to think.
Finally, if they are not the right person for you, it is not a big deal – there are plenty others! 

There are thousands of single people in U.K sitting behind their computer screens right now waiting to connect with you.

Happy dating!

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