My Celebrity Salon Experience

My Celebrity Salon Experience

Okay, so I’m covered in orange goo, on National television, looking a bit panicked, amused and oh so cringy; not entirely shall we say…fashionable. But hey it was surprisingly fun, after  all irrational and panicky fears of worst-case scenario beauty treatments being performed on me were dispelled, I was laughing.

Well, uncomfortably, but still laughing. Sure it was only a facial – and it was only good old Breffny performing it… right?

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Well, just prior to said facial I did become a bit alarmed, (what if the facial some how in a freak accident burnt my nose off, peeled my eyebrows etc., you know the usual concerns when you’re told it’s going to be done by someone who has never even heard of toner, let alone use it on someone else).

Having voiced the dread to Breffny before the cameras switched on, (with me basically saying something along the lines of: “So… what’s going to happen to my face?”) He assured me everything would be okay, as he had “studied biology”.

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I thought, ‘Oh okay…wait. What?!’
Anyway, that aside, the whole facial went smoothly. I was fine and I had fun. I’m glad I got Breffny, it made the whole first tv experience a bit more hilarious and a lot less stressful.

I really don’t think Breffny should be dismissed as being afflicted with ignorant man syndrome with regards to all things ‘beauty’.  Well, let me clarify he didn’t have a clue about beauty, per se, but I really do think that he may actually surprise some. He’s a smart guy. I’m sure he’ll figure it out. As a self-proclaimed, er, “battle hardened dynamo”, I’m sure he’ll do all right.

I’m still in London being a busy bee and have not actually seen the show.  So as of yet I have not cringed and thought ‘oh Christ …the state o’ me’ while watching it. Yes, that’s being saved as a special homecoming treat!! But so far the feedback has been more or less positive ranging from “you looked gorgeous” (from my mammy, bless) to “that was gas, you looked hilarious, did he even take the make up off?” (Cheers Rach lol).

To wrap it up, I think he did great, and if Fi is correct he apparently won that round!

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