My Life In Boxes Part 1

My Life In Boxes Part 1

So, it’s official… I am getting outta this town, me and my boy are leaving snowy, cold Dublin and jetting of sunny Oz!! It is the most exciting, spontaneous thing I have ever done – quitting our jobs, forgetting responsibilities, leaving reality behind… It’s idyllic… I was walking on air, blissfully dreaming of my new life ahead…. UNTIL……. the packing started!!!!!

Let’s make this clear, I have a major shopping addiction, couple this with a major hoarding problem and you get the dilemma facing me as I started the packing up process this week.

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Where the hell does a girl start?! K so I know I am only going for a year; there will be new clothes purchased; break it down; I can’t bring it ALL with me, something’s gotta give and stuff will HAVE to be left behind…But my oh my…

I had no idea how hard this would prove to be! I, by no means own a designer wardrobe, it’s a mish mash of highstreet, designer, vintage, you name it- it’s crazy, its excessive, but it’s mine and a massive part of what defines me!

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Obstacle number one: Tackling the shoe rack!!!
So with boxes in hand and the day on my side, I started the harrowing process of boxing up my shoes. Some to be binned, some to be left behind, some to be brought to Sydney and some… oh I dunno, some that I just can’t bear to part with.

I LOVE my shoes…I do not throw out shoes. Ever. As I sadly packed up ones that have seen their day, I felt incredible sad… shoes are like memories for me, I know where I got them, I know where I wore them and I know what I wore them with…

And it dawned on me, was I doing my shoes an injustice?!!! Was I letting them down?!! Images of Woody and Buzz being packed up in the attic in Toy Story 3 came to mind…they were begging me not to throw them away…A pair of taupe Bertie platforms which are about 3 seasons old, massive purple Office platforms reminiscent of Celtic tiger fashion circa 2017, red bowed court shoes… each throwing up numerous options, cunningly weaving their way back into my heart …..and my wardrobe!!!

The Bertie’s in particular kept catching my eye, they were packed in, taken out again, tried on, boxed up once more and then taken out again….As himself lay there, baffled at my complete inability to let go of these shoes, I asked if these ones could be spared…

Surely they will be worn again, I reasoned….And so it was, I kept them… but I gotta toughen up, there is a hell of a lot of packing to do before I move outta this place… Stay tuned for part 2……Wish me luck!!!!

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