My Life In Boxes Part 2

My Life In Boxes Part 2

I am in 20kg hell!!!! A 20kg baggage allowance to move my life????? You gotta be fricking kidding me – An international airline and they are allowing me 20kg… I’m speechless… I’m the girl who brings at least 2 or 3 outfit options on a night away and probably 3 pairs of shoes (at least)!!!

How in the name of god am I gonna condense my wardrobe to 20kg? After absorbing this utterly disturbing news (which has taken quite some time)… the packing trials and tribulations continue:

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I must admit though, I am EVENTUALLY getting there. 28 boxes later and 3 large suitcases and I’m (almost) ready to move back home to the folks… Great you say, I’m nearly there…Wrong! Now comes the undesirable task of deciding what clothes actually make it to Sydney and which poor unfortunate ones must stay at home!

There are piles of clothes I love – ones I def know I can’t part with; piles I know I actually need; ones I think I might need; piles I am thinking of reasons why I should bring them; piles I am considering; piles I will consider after the later consideration pile has been sorted; and a further several piles in the TBC section… hmmmmm.. No one said it was gonna be easy!!!!

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I know I can’t take everything, so I have decided the alternative is to try to define my look and thus take those key pieces that make an outfit my own. We all have these pieces/ those key accessories which are transcendent of seasons and trends that make our own look. For me, it’s hard to define, as I guess most of us would say…

This is my ‘defining Naomi’ list to date, bear in mind it’s a work in progress, I’m very much a chameleon when it comes to fashion, and my look changes alot depending on my mood:

– Pearls – I’m sooo old school at heart
– Classic LBD (perfect for interviews for that dream fashion job I just know I will land **crossing fingers and toes***)
– Accessories, accessories and more accessories – I am sucker for my bling and my costume bits – any outfit can be transformed with the ‘bits’ you put with it; whether that’s a massive show stopping ring, gazillions of bangles, or just layering on some gold chains
– Belts – my all time rule, if you can, belt it – I’m a firm believer that you should almost ALWAYS highlight your waist
-‘The Dress’ – you know the dress guys, the dress that you just know, even if you’re having a fat day from hell, your hair has lost all possible structure and make up refuses to help -you stick on this bad boy and you just feel sexy, you can’t define it, but it just works!
– The everyday dress and skirt ensembles – the plan is (if I can stick to it) is to pick out my all time easy dresses and skirts that I just know how to wear; how to dress them up, how to dress them down, how and what to layer them with
– At last but  by no means least, my darling shoesies – you can never ever beat the transferable and dam handiness of a good pair of nude heels, so that’s one, flip-flops, some pumps, a fail safe black heel, a worky black heel and a pair (or three) of some of my fancy, fun, stupidly high, going out shoes – just to make me smile!!!

It’s all fine and dandy writing this list, but trust me condensing and defining your wardrobe in reality is dam hard!! What are your key pieces you would take across the world?

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