Next Recession

Next Recession

Not to sound glib, but we’re in a right dilly of a pickle. The country is submerged in an icy battleground and the future of the Irish state is in the hands of IMF. Fiscal conservatism is the name of the game and arctic survivalism is our new reference point.

Spend less, layer more. I agree with this pragmatic advice, but when all you have to look forward to in your cold, miserable, squelchy day is a rich tea biscuit for elevenses, the urge to spend has never been greater.

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So here is my dilemma. Do I buy the silly, impractical, but GORGEOUS studded boots from Office? (In my humble opinion that is*)

* As you can see, the blurb says that any aspiring rock chick would be CRAZY to miss out on these. And I’m not an aspiring rock chick, but I could be.

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Or do I use that money to buy hardy thermal undies and bionic gloves and possibly some wellies – or – GASP – hiking boots? The horror.

The latter will keep me warm, but the former will make me happy (if only temporarily). BUT isn’t that what this country needs? Some mindless happiness? I think I might be just the person to cheerlead Ireland into the next phase of recession/ depression.

Yes, a cost-benefit analysis would point me in the direction of sturdy, sensible shoes to navigate the snow in. But the studded beauts will put a spring in my step that no hiking boot ever could.

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