Simple Tips On How To Feel Better Part 2

Simple Tips On How To Feel Better Part 2

This is Part Two of my series on “How to feel better”. Today’s post is all about “Sleep” and how to get there faster and how to wake up feeling better.


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This one can’t be put any simpler than this; get more sleep. When your phone is out of battery you plug in your phone charger.

When you are tired, stressed, overworked etc, why do most people insist on sitting up late at night watching television or using the internet? Sleep is the restorative state of the body, the time when healing and “recharging” occurs.

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Getting to bed an hour earlier every night will help you be more alert and more productive the following day.

If possible, tie in to the bodies natural circadian rhythm (going to bed when it gets dark and rising when it gets bright again) to really reap the benefits of a regular sleeping pattern.


This is a follow on from number 6.

The chances are that after a hard days work you flop down on the couch and watch tv or surf the web. When you do this, your brain is stimulated by the bright screens and flashing lights.

This sends a message to your body saying that you should still be awake and that its not yet bedtime. Your brain is stimulated when it should be shutting down. Is it any wonder then that you struggle to fall asleep when you get to bed.

The best way to unwind is to turn off the TV or laptop and read a book or just chat with someone. That way you will go to bed having already begun to wind down and you will fall asleep much faster.


Here’s another simple tip to ensure you get a better nights sleep. Black out your room by whatever means possible. Hang dark drapes behing your curtains, get a screen to block light from above any doorways and you will sleep better.

The reason for this is that every cell in our bodies is capable of sensing light and when these cells are stimulated by light they set off a chain of reactions that help us to waken up.

Obviously we don’t sleep with the light on, but even a small amount of light in your bedroom will stop you from logging as much time as possible in the restorative sleep state known as “deep sleep or delta sleep”.


The first thing you should do when you wake up, is consume a pint of water. When we sleep our normal bodily functions such as respiration, digestion etc continue to occur. While all of this is happening, our body is driving these processes by way of chemical reactions.

These chemical reactions use up water and salts in our body, leading us to become more dehydrated than we were the night before. Having a glass of water when you wake up rehydrates the body and gives it fuel for chemical reactions to take place which in turn helps kick-start your day.


This point follows on from Number 9. If your body gets dehydrated and needs more water first thing in the morning, it definitely needs more fuel for the fire first thing in the morning!

A good healthy breakfast containing slow releasing carbs (think porridge), protein (think eggs), and fats  (think bacon) will provide you with all the nutrients needed to help you make it to lunchtime without getting that mid morning slump.

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