Top Ten SuperHero Crushes

Top Ten SuperHero Crushes

With the season of love, flowers and romance upon us, we thought we’d make a list of those superheroes that would prove irresistible to even the most cynical out there. Their powers and allure are sure to make everyone’s heart melt.

10. Gambit

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He’s from New Orleans. He has that French Cajun debonair charm. He has the mutant ability to tap into the potential energy contained in an object and then transform it into kinetic energy, along with the standard superhuman dexterity and agility.

His weapon of choice is a deck of cards. We challenge anyone to resist Gambit’s rough-ish nature, his Louisiana accent and the fact that he’s the resident bad boy in the frankly kick-ass X-Men.

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9. Wonder Woman

If there’s one thing that comics do well, it’s present women that couldn’t possibly exist in the real world, with their obscenely large breasts, tiny hips, and legs more suited to a giraffe.

Wonder Woman(who first appeared during World War 2) is a prime example. Her powers include the hilarious lasso of truth, superhuman strength, healing ability and flight. Would we be a little intimidated to ask for her number? Yes.

That lasso of truth would make sure that any men that dared to stray from her would feel the Amazonian’s rage.

8. Nightwing

Being taken in as an orphan by Bruce Wayne can’t be easy for the inner romantic. Dick Grayson spent years as Robin and is now reborn in Nightwing. There was a period when he donned the Batman cowl during the Wayne’s ‘death’ but has since returned to Budhaven.

He’s not quite as grim as Wayne and his Eskrima sticks and martial arts/gymnastics skills would ensure we’d feel safe whilst we danced the night away.

7. Black Widow

She’s Russian. She’s a seriously tough and intelligent woman. She’s an Avenger.

Scarlett Johanasson played her in celluloid. If these aren’t reasons enough to be wooed, we don’t know what is.She has been involved with Daredevil, SHIELD and was created in 1964 by Stan Lee and Don Heck.

An incredible athlete, a skilled combatant and generally not someone we’d want to mess with.

6. Sue Storm/Invisible Woman

Sue Storm was first introduced during the iconic age of Jack Kirby and Stan Lee in November of 1961.

She was part of a super group that would eventually become Marvel’s first and best loved family. She has subsequently become the most powerful member of the Fantastic Four.

Her ability to disappear at will, to use her abilities to move objects and to see through materials make make for an awkward first date, but that’s a risk we are willing to take.

5. Thor

Thor is a Norse God. His father is Odin and his pesky little brother the trickster Loki.

He first appeared in Journey into Mystery in 1962, again courtesy of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

Thor is a massively powerful hero who can fly, control the weather and smote thy ass with his mighty hammer Mjolnir.

His often Shakespearian dialogue may make small talk slightly awkward on that first date but we reckon it’s completely worth it to date this founding member of The Avengers.

4. Batman/Bruce Wayne

No comic book list would be complete without the protector of Gotham. Bruce Wayne may have his issues with his parents, but he’s a genius billionaire with the best array of weaponry, vehicles and gadgets any potential date could hope for.

Whilst dinner may be interrupted by that pesky Batsignal or Joker on a rampage, it would be a small price to pay to woo arguably the most famous superhero of all. Our advice is just to avoid any mention of parents, dark alleys and comparisons to a certain son of Metropolis.

3. Catwoman

Few have been able to charm Batman – he’s just not that into the dating scene – but Selina Kyle is one of those that have managed to grab the attention of Mr. Wayne. Frank Miller’s portrayal of her in Batman: Year One remains one of the most iconic takes on a character that has been around since 1940.

She operates on the wrong side of the law, she’s brash and often violent but that didn’t stop Batman moving to Europe with her in last year’s Nolan film. The whips and tight costume don’t hurt her case for being a comic villain we wouldn’t mind spending time with.

 2. Superman/Clark Kent

Superman first appeared way back in 1932 and is widely regarded as an American cultural icon. He is someone we all recognise, whether it be Christopher Reeve’s portrayal or the -various television series that he has appeared in.

His powers include flight, superhuman speed, strength and x-ray vision. His all-American and self righteous persona may get a little wearisome after the third date but let’s be honest, you’re not considering a dalliance with the Man of Steel for his sparkling wit.

That alien physique is easy on the eyes and the ability to fly cuts down on any awkward decisions about getting a taxi or a Nitelink home.

1. Spider-Man/Peter Parker

Poor Petey rarely has an easy time with women. His first love Gwen Stacey died. His relationship with Mary Jane Watson is, to say the least, rather complex. Liz Thompson and Betty Brant never game him the chance that he deserved.

There is always some drama when, inevitably, his secret identity is revealed. His wall crawling, his inability to be on time and his general geek chic may be somewhat difficult to overlook. But all that aside, we here at would love to see New York City from his perspective.

Let’s just hope that Norman Osborn isn’t plotting our hero’s demise.

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