Top Ten Tips For A Fantastic Tan

Top Ten Tips For A Fantastic Tan

As the summer fast approaches it’s time to prepare your body for holiday season and Tantastic has an excellent range of products to help get you in the summer mood including an easy to apply liquid tan and a great leg gel. However, as we all know, tan application can be easier said than done, so to help you avoid the common tan catastrophes, we have compiled our top ten tips to achieving the perfect summer glow.

1.     Scrub-a-scrub scrub:
Exfoliate thoroughly the day before with a body scrub, exfoliating mitt or body brush. This will remove any of those dead skin cells that cause patchiness and uneven application.  

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2.     Keep it clean:
Apply Tantastic to clean, dry skin. Spend that extra 30 seconds in the shower and make sure you’ve removed all soapy residue from the skin so your Tantastic goes on like a dream.

3.     Myth buster:
Apply moisturising cream to dry areas such as hands, elbows, knees and ankles after use to stop your tan becoming dark and patchy on these areas. Don’t moisturise before the application as this will act as a barrier to your tan.

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4.     Stay protected:
Apply tan using a Tantastic Mitt. This specially patented mitt has a lotion proof barrier to help hands remain stain free. Also, cover body parts you do not wish to tan. One great way to keep solution out of your hair is to use a shower cap, leaving your ears out and the elastic approximately ½ inch above the hair line. A clear varnish or barrier cream (like Vaseline) applied to your toenails will protect your tootsies from staining.

5.     Stop Running:
When using a new mitt for the first time, put a small amount of tan onto the mitt and rub it in. This will ensure that further application of tan is absorbed and does not run off the mitt.

6.     Work your way up:
Work from your lower body up. First, cover the area between each ankle and knee before applying to the upper part of the leg. When you’re done, apply what remains on your mitt to the tops of your feet, ankles, and knees, which don’t need as thick a coat. Do the same with your arms, using leftover tan on your elbows and the backs of your hands. Get a friend to help with your back if you find it hard to reach!

7.     Going around in circles:
Glide the mitt over the skin, using circular movements to blend into the skin. Tantastic is visible on application therefore you can tan your desired areas ensuring streak free application.

8.     Face it:
To begin tanning your face firstly prep the skin by gently cleansing and exfoliating. Skip moisturiser but do apply an under-eye cream before tanning as you want the colour of your skin to be lighter under the eyes – it makes you look younger! Allow tan to dry and then apply sunscreen.

9.     Patience is a virtue:
If you wish to have a darker tan you can apply a second coat immediately. You don’t have to wait hours before applying your second coat as Tantastic has a quick drying formula. The tan will develop and get slightly darker within eight hours. Allowing the tan to develop overnight is usually best as the heat in the bed will accelerate the tan.

10.  Keep it up!
Now your tan has developed and you’re happy with the results, the work doesn’t stop there! Stay glowing for longer by maintaining gentle exfoliation and lots more moisturising. And if you’re starting to pale, then do a tan top-up!

Easy to wear and easy to apply, Tantastic’s unique non-streak formula colours on contact to give skin a healthy, natural glow. And its odourless appeal means that there’s none of the unpleasant and toxic smells associated with other tanning products. Tantastic is suitable for all skin types, making it every girl’s essential accessory this summer.

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